A few good things that happened in 2020

2020 was...interesting to say the least, but we wanted to highlight some of the bright spots of the year. We originally shared some of these moments in our monthly newsletter but even if you're not subscribed there, we thought it was worth sharing here on the blog. So without further ado, here's a list of good things that we did in 2020.

Our proudest 2020 moments

New settings. We updated the design of our settings page with some enhancements. There's a new and improved selection for color themes so you can customize your to-do list, and if you peep at your subscription settings, there's now an option to add a promo code (wink, wink) when subscribing to TeuxDeux. Log into TeuxDeux to check it out!

Dark mode. Some call this the best mode and we're tempted to agree. You can now stay productive under the cover of night! Toggle Dark mode on or off in the hover toolbar.

dark mode gif

Updated (logged-out) homepage. We spruced up teuxdeux.com's home page design and saved those peaceful Swiss mountains. Now the sweet, sweet respite of using TeuxDeux starts before you even log in 🏔️

Released an Android app. Long-story short, there was an PWA app stand-in and our Android users weren't crazy about it and we don't blame them, it wasn't native. So we made it a priority to release a brand new Android-native app in the Google Play store.

Started this blog to share neuxs with you and keep you up to date on the latest from the TeuxDeux team!

Joined Insta. Follow us!

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