Announcing: the newest version of TeuxDeux

Buckle in, we've got some really exciting news! For a long time now, TeuxDeux users like you have been asking us for three major things, and we're beyond thrilled to announce that we've finally been able to make them happen.

  1. First, we've launched a native Android app, so you can now use TeuxDeux on your Android device. You can check it out and download it on the Google Play store here.

  2. Second, we've made some major improvements in the way we sync tasks between your phone and desktop. Now you can rest assured knowing that your task lists will be updated quickly and accurately, no matter which device you're using.

  3. Third and finally, we've created a free option for users who only want to use the mobile app. Now everyone can get the same great experience of using TeuxDeux, no matter their financial situation.

We know that this has been a long time coming and we appreciate your patience as our small, bootstrapped team worked diligently to make them a reality. Admittedly, these to-dos rolled over a little longer than anticipated. But, this week we're finally marking them complete and we couldn't be more excited for you to start using them.

There's also a fresh new iOS update and some smaller, often requested features, such as 'every other day' and 'every weekday' frequencies for recurring tasks. Our aim has always been to make organizing simple, easy and accessible to everyone. With any new feature, or launch, we carefully consider how to take thoughtful steps towards those ends without adding additional noise to your day. Read our mission statement here. We hope these improvements make your organizing that much easier. As always, these new features come with some under the hood overhauls and performance upgrades.

Take these improvements for a spin and let us know what you think of the new and improved TeuxDeux experience!

Questions, comments, advice? Let us know at

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