Share Lists

We've gotten this request a lot–which is why we're so excited to share the news: Shared Lists have arrived! Now, you can share lists with anyone from the web app, even if they don't have a TeuxDeux account. It's perfect for sharing links, ideas, book recommendations, or New Year's resolutions with the people in your circle.

Share Lists

To share a someday list, click to open the Manage List menu and hit 'Share.' You can leave a quick note for anyone you're sharing it with as well.

Shared list note

Click 'Create link' and your list is ready to share!

Shared list is live

List-sharing is currently read-only, but we’re working on editable-lists so you can divide and conquer tasks. Stay tuned! Waving from Brooklyn,

Team TeuxDeux

Clear your to-do list, unclutter your life