teuxtorial #2: mobile demo

We know how hectic life can get and that's why for teuxtorial #2, we're giving you a crash course on managing your to-do list in the mobile app.

The mobile app puts the power and simplicity of TeuxDeux in your pocket. With it, you'll always have your to-do list within reach and be able to add stuff on the go.

If you've read our tips for writing better to-do lists, you know that keeping your to-do list easily accessible is a huge boon to productivity. The genius of TeuxDeux lies in its simplicity and ease-of-use. In this demo, you'll learn how to:

  • Create new items in your to-do list

  • Mark tasks as completed

  • Edit and Delete to-dos

  • Rearrange your to-do list with drag & drop

  • Access the calendar and someday lists

With TeuxDeux, you get the peace of mind knowing organizing your daily life is only takes a few swipes–it's so simple it'll slip right into your daily routine

TeuxDeux is free to use on iOS and Android 😇.

teuxtorial #1: Web demo

teuxtorial #3: Formatting text in TeuxDeux

teuxtorial #4: Daily Digest 

teuxtorial #5: Backing up your data

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