What’s New

Check out what's new in TeuxDeux! Our small but mighty team has been hard at work to give you more space for your lists, more ways to organize, and more of your time back in streamlined interactions.

More intuitive to-dos

No more accidental cross-offs or "completing" tasks just to delete them. Now, just click to edit a task, check it off once it's done, or delete a task without having to mark it complete first.

More intuitive to-dos


And just incase you still delete a to-do, we’ve got a Undo feature to make it right. Use the Undo popup or the shortcut ctrl+shift+z .

Undo delete

Highlight to-dos

Color code to-do’s to prioritize or group them. For example: red for urgent, or yellow for your favorite kid (kidding!).  

Highlight to-dos

More powerful recurring to-dos

Create and edit recurring to-dos with much more flexibility. Like, piano lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Recurring to-dos

Sort recurring to-dos

Now, you can set the order in which recurring to-do’s appear on your timeline. No more “9am yoga” after your “1pm meeting.” 

Sort recurring to-dos


Subscribe to regional holiday calendars and never miss a 3-day weekend again. Turn on holiday calendars in Settings > Holidays, and select yours from the library. 

(And while we are super excited to release this feature, we are already working on an improvement—to give you the option to opt-out of individual holidays you don’t celebrate or simply don’t want to see.) 

Holiday calendar

Create your own custom holidays

Add birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions on your timeline that repeat yearly. Now you can mark special days without adding an extra task to your list.

Custom holidays

Organize lists in tabs

Organize all your lists into tabs so you can find what you need, when you need it. Group lists to plan ahead, keep archives, and separate work from everything else. 


Bigger and better Preferences

Make TeuxDeux your own with custom preferences in the new sidebar. Adjust spacing, hide completed to-dos, choose a style for bulleted items (start a task with "-"), and more!


Clear your to-do list, unclutter your life