About Us

At Volta Media, we create videos that increase brand awareness, nurture customer relationships, improve conversion rates and keep customers coming back. All by sharing your authentic voice.

When we first got started working in video there was one common issue that clients seemed to face.

They were spending a lot of money on videos that just did not get the results they were promised.

The reason their videos did not get results came down to two things.

  1. The videos story was focused around the business, and not their customers.
  2. There was no strategy behind the video, so once it was produced, they had no idea how to use it.

That is why we started Volta Media.

Our solution is to develop videos that focus around your customers story, the problems they face, the solutions you provide and the results they will see by working with you.

These videos target different areas of your marketing funnel, helping to strengthen your sales process at every stage.

We are passionate about helping brands share their authentic voice through video.

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