3 Lighting Tips For Better Videos

3 Lighting Tips For Better Videos

Want to take your video marketing to the next level? Create visually appealing, engaging videos by following these three lighting tips for better videos.

Izak Jackson

3 min read

Great lighting can make a world of difference to your video. It can take it from something that looks flat and boring to something visually appealing and exciting. Follow my three lighting tips if you want to take your videos to the next level.

Setting Up Your Key Light

As the name suggests, the key light is the primary light that will illuminate your shot.

Your key light should be around 45 degrees away from the camera, pointing at the subject. It then needs to be raised above the subject and tilted down slightly.

Angling your key light like this will create a 'Rembrandt', also known as a 'Rembrandt triangle or patch'.

This is a small triangle of light that appears under the subject's eye on the less illuminated side of the face.

This lighting style creates depth and interest on the subjects face, one of the most visually pleasing lighting setups.

After setting up your key light, the most crucial part is ensuring it is correctly exposed for the subject's face. Make sure the subjects face isn't too light or too dark, somewhere in the middle.

Once you feel that your key light is at the correct brightness, you then need to ensure your camera is correctly exposed to get that perfect shot.

Add Depth to the Space

Although the person talking should be the focus of your video, don't make the mistake of neglecting your background.

It's essential to add some depth and interest to the space you're filming in. Not only will this create a more visually pleasing shot, but it will help to keep your audience engaged when watching your video.

Place lighting in the background, such as small lamps that don't give off too much light. Depending on your space, you might need more than one lighting source behind the subject.

Think carefully about the tone of lighting you choose to use too.

I prefer lighting with an orange tone to make a space feel cosy and warm. I also like the contrast of the warm light in the background to the cool tones given off from the key light.

Don't be afraid to play around with lighting to find what works best for you and your brand. Add fairy lights, neon signs, or a splash of colour with colour-changing bulbs.

Pause Coffee
Photo by Will Cook / Unsplash

Add the Finishing Touch with a Hair Light

The last piece of lighting you need to set up is your hair light.

The hair light is usually set on the other side of the shot to your key light, pointing at the top of the subjects head.

It tends to be a warmer tone, which contrasts the colder tone of the key light.

The light from the hair light will hit the top of the subjects head, creating a contrast between the subject and the background.

Hair lights add depth to the shot and help the subjects silhouette pop.

Although having a hair light isn't a must, I'd recommend including one if you want to take your video lighting to the next level.  

The difference is subtle, but it enhances the subject of the video and helps create a more visually pleasing shot.

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