3 Tips To Grow Your Brand On YouTube In 2022

3 Tips To Grow Your Brand On YouTube In 2022

YouTube is the number one place you should be publishing your video content if you want to get seen. I've put together my top 3 tips for growing your brand on YouTube in 2022.

Izak Jackson

3 min read

If you don't know already, YouTube is one of the worlds biggest search engines, with thousands of videos uploaded every day.

If you're creating video content, YouTube is the number one place you should be publishing those videos. I'm going to share with you 3 tips to grow your brand on YouTube in 2022.

Be Consistent and Post Weekly

The key to successful video marketing is consistency. You need to consistently create and post video content on YouTube to grow your brand.

I would recommend posting at least one piece of video content a week.

Viewers like to consume content regularly. The more content they watch about your brand, the more invested they will become.

They will start to understand your brand, the services you provide and most importantly, how you can help solve their problems. This will make it much easier to push them down your sales funnel as a result.

Regular views will also see you as trustworthy, meaning they are more likely to work with you vs a competitor when they're in the market to buy.

My top tip for staying consistent is planning.

Brainstorm your video content ideas and come up with a plan that outlines:

  • Goals
  • Intended outcome
  • Target audience
  • Timeline/filming schedule
  • Where you'll market your video and so on.

A great way to push traffic to your YouTube page or specific videos is by sharing snippets from your video and sharing them across your social media platforms.

This will entice your followers to watch your video and also gives you some great content to post on social media, something we can all struggle with from time to time.

Your social cuts need to be engaging, so make the cuts are short and sweet. Don't give away everything but reveal just enough to ensure the viewer knows what your video is all about.

It’s all about hooking viewers in and peeking their interest.

Also, optimise the video snippets for each platform to maximise views and engagement.

When sharing social cuts, the most important thing is linking them back to the YouTube video. Always include strong all to actions and clickable links in any accompanying posts.

Start an Email Newsletter to Keep Your Fans in the Loop

We can't expect our target audience to catch every video we publish on YouTube.

I know better than anyone how much time and effort goes into creating video content and how frustrating it can be when you only get a handful of views.

It's up to you to push your target audience to your YouTube channel and remind them about new videos that are relevant to them.

One way of doing this is through email newsletters.

Sending newsletters that include links to your videos to a database of people who are already interested in your products or services will be far more effective than trying to reach 'cold leads'.

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