4 Tips For Successful Social Media Videos

4 Tips For Successful Social Media Videos

These four tips will set your social media videos up for success, helping to organically increase engagement.

Izak Jackson

1 min read

There is no perfect formula for creating successful social media videos, but these four tips will help you on your way.

Be Yourself

Tip number one is to be yourself. I cannot stress hard enough how important it is to be authentic when in front of a camera. If you are putting on a persona, chances are your customers & potential customers will see through it. It may take a few attempts to get used to being in front of a camera, but that is all a part of the journey.

Start With A Teaser

Tip number two is to always start off with a teaser before you use your logo animation or even introduce yourself. The first 10 seconds of a video are the most important. If you don't capture the viewers attention from the start, your engagement will suffer.

Always Use Subtitles

This leads us on to tip number three and that is to burn subtitles directly into the video. Most social networks auto play videos on mute when you scroll through your feed. Having subtitles will allow your customers to know what the video is about, and if you capture their attention, they will watch it through.

Keep Copy Short & To The Point

Finally, my fourth tip is to keep any copy that accompanies the video short and to the point. A couple sentences is all you need to peak interest and provide some additional value. Just remember to include a strong call to action. For example in this video I'm using "Download Our Free Guide On getting Started In Video Marketing". That tells them what to do, and provides a link to make it effortless.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share that helped you to get comfortable in front of a camera? Share your answers in the comments below.

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