6 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Video

6 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Video

It can be tough coming up with engaging video ideas that are relevant to your brand so to help you get started, here are six ideas to inspire your next video.

Izak Jackson

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It’s more important than ever that businesses are utilising video in their marketing strategy, but it can be tough coming up with engaging ideas that are relevant to your brand. To help you get started on your video marketing journey, here are six ideas to inspire your next video.

Top Tips

Some businesses are sceptical when it comes to giving away free advice, but they shouldn’t be. Sharing tips through video is a great way to showcase your knowledge and add value to your audience.

Your videos should do at least one of three things; educate, entertain, or inspire.

Educational content will help your target audience view you as an industry expert, increasing your chances of them contacting you vs a competitor when they’re in the market to buy.

Behind the Scenes

From my experience, some of the most engaging videos are the ones that take viewers behind the scenes of the brands they love. More and more people want a chance to connect with businesses and be part of their community on a personal level.

Behind the scenes videos are one of the best ways to showcase your brands culture, employees, values and everyday workings of the business. Take viewers on a tour around your premises, show them how products are made or take them through a typical working day.

Content like this makes your company more relatable, approachable, authentic, and more human.

Meet The Team

People buy from people so why not put a face to a name and introduce key members of your team to your audience. It’s another great way to show your brands personality as well as giving viewers an insight into the type of work your business does.

You could get your team to describe their job role within the organisation, tell viewers about their experience and expertise and why they enjoy working for your company.

Not only is this an engaging form of video content that your target audience will enjoy, it’s also a great way of making your team feel appreciated and recognised for the work they do. It’s a win win.


Everyone has questions when deciding whether to work with a new company and it’s your job to make sure those questions are answered. Some companies often get asked the same questions which is where a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s video could benefit you.

Not only will potential customers have all the information they need, helping them to quickly move through your sales funnel, but it can also safe you a lot of time as you’ll no longer have to go back and forth answering the same questions time and time again.

Most commonly, FAQ’s are featured on the company website in text form but videos are often easier for viewers to understand and are more engaging. It’s also a brilliant form of video content that can be shared across all your social media platforms, helping you to get the most out of your video content.

If you're feeling extra creative, create videos for each question as this can make the content more searchable and will boost SEO.

Interviews with Industry Experts

Many business owners are guarded when it comes to competitors or others within their industry. They would never consider working with them or opening a line of communication which is often a mistake.

Doing interviews with industry experts can help you reach a wider audience and boost your brand. People associating your business with industry experts can only ever be positive. It usually has the effect of raising your business to that same level as the expert and is also a great way to be part of your industries community and get your name in front of your target audience.

Case Studies

Video case studies are a powerful marketing tool because they show proof that your business has something of value to offer potential prospects. The key to a great video case study is highlighting what your clients pain point is, how working with you has helped solve their problem and the results the client saw.

Video case studies show real people, really companies and they are one of the best ways to tell a story. Video allows you to get across your point easier and in a shorter amount of time.

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