6 Tips For Motivating Yourself To Start Creating Videos

6 Tips For Motivating Yourself To Start Creating Videos

It's time to take the plunge and kick start your video marketing journey, and I have six tips for motivating yourself to start creating videos.

Izak Jackson

4 min read

We all know we should be creating videos as part of our marketing strategy, but many of you keep putting it off. If you’ve never created a video before but want to kick start your marketing journey in 2022, here are my five tips for motivating yourself to start making videos.

Identify Your Why and Set Clear Goals

The first stumbling block that most people face when filming their first video is not knowing why.

Without knowing why you’re creating your video, it can be challenging to know what you need to film, who you’re targeting and what you need to say.

Set clear goals that outline what you want to achieve from each video you film. Not only will this make filming more straightforward, but it will motivate you to keep creating quality video content that helps grow your business.

Schedule Time Aside Without Distractions to Create Your Videos

We’re all guilty of not prioritising our marketing, especially when it comes to an area of our marketing that we are unsure of or not confident about.

It’s crucial to dedicate a couple of hours a week to your marketing.

Schedule time aside without distractions to create your video content.

It’s too easy to get side-tracked by the phone ringing or the sound emails pinging into your inbox. To create quality content that gets you results, you need to focus and be present when filming.

Make Your Workflow as Quick and as Simple as Possible

For some, filming videos can take hours which can be frustrating, especially when you’re short on time, but it doesn’t have to.

Plan a workflow that makes filming as quick and straightforward as possible.

Your workflow should be a step-by-step process for creating your video, starting with the visualisation of an idea, the actual filming, and finally the editing process until a final product is ready to be shared and published.

Knowing each step of the process can help speed up filming, minimise frustrations, and motivate you to keep creating video content.

Only Create Content that You Enjoy Creating

Have you ever procrastinated because there’s a job on your to-do list that you hate doing?

If we don’t enjoy doing a specific task or job, we tend to put it off or avoid doing it.

This is the same for filming video content so find a style of video that suits your brand and is enjoyable to create. That could be a DIY, talking head video or a more professional looking documentary-style video.

The more you enjoy something, the more you’ll do it.

That enjoyment will also come across on camera, helping to engage your audience better and get your point across.

Be Yourself on Camera

If you’ve not created many videos in the past, it can be nerve-wracking getting in front of the camera.

Many people lack confidence and heavily rely on tools like scripts to get them through filming.

Reading from scripts and trying to act more corporate can come across as stiff and uncomfortable for viewing.

My biggest tip, be yourself!

If you usually talk informally, dress in bright clothes or like to crack the odd joke, do that on camera.

Being yourself will make your videos more authentic and relatable. This will help attract your target audience and keep them engaged.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Short Breaks When Needed

Some days you’re just not feeling it.

I’ve experienced this before when I’ve tried filming on a Friday afternoon. I’ve struggled to get my point across or have just had low energy, which comes across on camera.

Don’t be afraid to take short breaks when needed.

Sometimes when filming, it’s essential to take a moment to reset. This might be making a coffee to recharge your batteries or taking 5 minutes to revisit key points you need to hit when talking.

It can help refocus your mind to create the best video content you can.

Sometimes, a short break may not be enough, so again, don't be afraid to take a week off every now and then and recharge your batteries.

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