How Video Specific Graphics and Animations can Strengthen Your Brand

How Video Specific Graphics and Animations can Strengthen Your Brand

A common mistake businesses make when it comes to their video content, is overlooking the branding. I'm going to tell you five reasons why every business should be creating video-specific graphics and animations for their brand.

Izak Jackson

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Video specific graphics and animations can help take your video content to the next level. Including them within videos is something that is often overlooked, but it shouldn't be.

Here are five reasons why every business should be creating video-specific graphics and animations to strengthen their brand. As well as some example logo animations we have made for our clients.

Creates Brand Consistency

Whether you’re creating blogs, newsletters or videos for YouTube, your branding should be consistent across all marketing channels. No business can thrive without brand consistency; it’s the building block to creating a strong, recognisable brand. Including on-brand graphics or animations in every video can help build trust between your business and potential customers. As humans, we are creatures of habit, and we find comfort in things we are familiar with. The more familiar we are with something, naturally, the more we trust it. This concept works the same for businesses and brands. Once viewers trust your brand, it is easier to push them down your sale funnel, converting them into paying customers.

Increases Engagement

The key to all great video content is keeping your audience engaged, and video graphics are a great way to do this. There are many different types of videos that you can create, such as talking head videos. This type of video usually consists of the speaker talking directly to the camera. Although these videos can work well on marketing channels like social media, they can sometimes become a little boring or predictable. Graphics and animations add colour, movement, and dynamic visuals that help break up your video, keeping viewers engaged for longer.

Makes Your Message Easier to Understand

Every video you create should have a clear message, but that can be easier said than done. A common mistake people make when shooting a video is that they start rambling on and on, never getting to the point.  Adding graphic or supporting animations can help break up your video into easily digestible chunks, as well as helping to illustrate your point much faster and clearer.

Adds a Professional Touch

Anyone can create videos nowadays by just using their smartphone. With that said, some people create videos that lack a little bit of quality. An easy way to instantly make your videos look and feel more professional is by adding on-brand graphics and animations. Your videos will go from just another ‘DIY video’ to something sleek and professional.

Strengthens Brand Recognition

Including video-specific graphics and animations within all of your video content will strengthen your brand recognition. People will start to become familiar with your brand colours, fonts, logo and even things like your intro music. Including on-brand graphics and animations consistently within your videos will grab viewers’ attention and make your brand more memorable. It also helps to differentiate your business from your competitors.  The more your brand stands out and the more memorable you are, the more likely viewers will come to you when they’re in the market to buy.

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