Marketing Your Business With DIY & Professional Videos

Marketing Your Business With DIY & Professional Videos

Very rarely do I see businesses utilising both professional and DIY videos in their marketing strategy.

Izak Jackson

2 min read

When people come to us enquiring about our video production services, they are often doing one of three things, either;

a.  Not producing any video marketing content for their business.

b. Only producing DIY videos.

c. Only have professionally made videos.

Very rarely do I see businesses utilising both professional and DIY videos in their marketing strategy. The majority of people are missing a key trick to successful video marketing campaigns, and don’t get me started on those not using video marketing at all. These people are missing out on the most effective marketing strategy they could be using to promote their company.

Using both DIY and professional video for your business is more effective than just using one. Doing this will boost your social media engagement and form stronger relationships with your customers.

So what is the difference between DIY & professional video?

DIY Video

DIY videos are generally short, 60 second videos that you can shoot on your phone or tablet. These videos are to serve as quick informative pieces that provide value to your target audience. Whether you do them daily or weekly, use your phone to quickly capture 60 second tips, advice, or anecdotes that your customers will find valuable.

This could be a story about something that has happened during your day, a new statistic from your industry or anything else, it doesn’t really matter so long as your are being personable and forming relationships with your customers.

I’m sure everyone knows by now that people buy from people. Through sharing your knowledge and being on camera, you are building relationships with your customers and are more likely to make sales.

60 seconds per day or week is all it takes to start forming these relationships through video.

PRO Video

So you’re creating your own videos, why do you need to bring in a professional? Well there are many areas where you would want a professional touch to add quality to your video marketing.

An example of this could be a short documentary-style film about your company, that perfectly tells your story and gets your brand values across to your customers.

Another would be educational videos that for example, teach your clients how to use your software, manage their expenses, or fix certain IT problems.

How about a commercial, you’re launching a new product and you want to create social media adverts for  it. Going the professional route would be your best option.

Video marketing campaigns work best when all of the videos are working on the same strategy, towards the same set of goals. Have a think about what you want to achieve in your business, and what types of videos you could be producing.

Make a list of both the professional videos and DIY videos that will help you to reach your goals and what the core message/theme you want that strategy to be based upon.

Did you know Facebook now prefers original video content?

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