The Best Types of Videos for Generating Brand Awareness

The Best Types of Videos for Generating Brand Awareness

Video is a crucial tool you need to be utilising in your marketing strategy to grow and increase brand awareness. To help you do this, I will tell you what the best types of videos for generating brand awareness are.

Izak Jackson

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Brand awareness is an important part of any marketing strategy. It's all about how well audiences remember your brand's ethos, messaging, and presence after seeing your marketing. But how do you grow it?

What is Brand Awareness, And Why is it Important?

Brand awareness is the extent to which people are familiar with your products, services, and other aspects of your business's brand, like brand colours or imagery. The more recognisable your brand is to consumers, the greater your brand awareness.

Creating a successful brand strategy is vital in helping your business grow, building recognition and trust amongst your customers.

The greater the trust between yourself and your target audience, the more likely you will convert those people into paying customers.

Why You Should Use Video In Your brand Awareness Strategy

Video is a powerful tool that can be used in your marketing strategy, especially when improving your brand awareness.

It is far more engaging than any other form of media out there, meaning consumers are more likely to absorb key messages and your branding too.

As mentioned, building trust with your target audience comes hand in hand with brand awareness. Putting yourself, your team or your products on film is one of the best ways to do that.

Video allows you to paint a complete picture of your brand and gives your target audience a better insight into your business.

The Best Types of Videos for Generating Brand Awareness

There are several different types of videos you need to be including in your brand awareness strategy:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Vlogs
  • Educational videos
  • Commercials

Out of the videos listed above, there’s one more important than any other: educational videos.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are one of the best ways to add value to your target audience.

The more value you give away for free, the more consumers will trust you and see you as an industry expert.

Educational videos such as top tips are also highly engaging and shareable forms of video content.

The more engaged your audience is, the more likely they will come back to consume more content.

The more shareable your video content is, the greater your potential reach, which intern helps to improve brand awareness.

There are two main types of educational videos I want to mention, and those are.

Educational Talking Heads and Educational Shorts.

Educational Talking Head Videos

Talking head videos says what it does on the tin. It’s a video that involves a person talking to the camera as if they were talking directly to the viewer.

Typically, the person talking remains stationary throughout the video, with the background and camera angle remaining unchanged.

They also might include using both A-Roll and B-Roll footage to help illustrate key points and create more visual interest.

Talking head videos are ideal for sharing quick tips or snips of knowledge with your audience on social media.

Educational Shorts

The other type of educational video you should be creating is educational shorts - educational videos that are 60 seconds or less.

These videos often include more of a ‘quick dive’ into a specific topic, product, or service and usually have a slightly more ‘DIY’ edge.

Again, educational shorts are ideal for sharing across social media, especially on YouTube, Instagram & Tik Tok.

Many of these platforms prioritise this form of video content, meaning your brand is more likely to be discovered by a wider audience.

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