The Easiest Way to Plan Your Videos

The Easiest Way to Plan Your Videos

Kick start your marketing journey in the right way with a clear plan for your video content. Here are five of the easiest ways to plan your videos.

Izak Jackson

4 min read

Video marketing is about more than just picking up a camera and hitting record. It's important that you have a clear plan in place to ensure you're getting results without wasting your time or money. But where do you start? Here are five of the easiest ways to plan your videos.

Outlining Your Goals

Every video you create should have a purpose; you should never create a video for the sake of creating one. Before filming a video, think about your goals and objectives. Do you want to gain more social media followers, push viewers to your website or gain new leads? Once you understand what you want to achieve from your video, you can ensure whatever content you are creating is helping you to reach your goals.

Identifying Your Core Message

The next step is to think about your core message. If you drift between messages and topics when filming, viewers often lose focus and interest, decreasing important metrics like watch time. If you have multiple messages you want to talk about, split them up into a series of videos rather than trying to cram them all into one. Remember, have one message per video to ensure your content is clear and to the point.

Marketing Your Video

It’s a good idea to think about how you will market your video in the early planning stages. Depending on who your target audience is or which platforms you intend to push your video out onto, can affect things like your video length, shooting style and location. For example, short talking head videos shot in a more ‘DIY style’ work well on social media, whereas lengthy, documentary-style videos that have a more 'professional' feel to them, work well on platforms like YouTube or your website. Once you know how you will market your video, you can start creating video content that you know will work for each particular marketing channel.

Create a Script and Filming Schedule

Scripts can be a helpful tool when planning and shooting your video. They can help you map out key points you want to cover as well as making sure you have that all-important hook planned.

Having a clear hook will encourage viewers to continue watching your videos as well as helping to direct them to your other places like your website or newsletter. I often find a lot of videos look and feel more authentic when the person talking isn’t reading from a script. However, writing down key points and having them visible when creating your video, can help you stay on track and avoid you going blank in front of the camera.

If you’re wanting to film a few different frames and subjects, it’s important you create a filming schedule too. A filming schedule will help you to plan out which frames you need to shoot, when you’ll be filming and how you’ll capture the subject. When creating videos, it can be easy to miss key pieces of content if you don't have a plan. Time and time again, people tell me how they only realised they didn't get the shots they needed until it was to late. Having to re-shoot can be time-consuming and costly, something that can often be avoided by having a clear plan in place.

Video Branding

A key aspect of your video branding that needs some thought is the video thumbnail.  Your thumbnail is a viewer’s first impression of your video and is often what entices them to click through and watch your content. A great thumbnail can gain you thousands of views, propelling your brand to a wider audience. Make sure to think carefully about your video branding. The best thumbnails include high-quality images, bold, eye-catching colours and copy that stops the viewer from scrolling, hooking them in.

Speaking of hooks, your title can also play a big part in increases the number of views on your videos. Make sure your title sounds enticing as well as clearly describing what your video is about. Sometimes planning out the video title first can help inspire the video itself. You should also use keywords in your title and video tags to boost your SEO videos and searchability.

Always plan your video branding to ensure it's consistent across the board.

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