Why Every Business Needs a Lead Generator

Why Every Business Needs a Lead Generator

Finding customers who are already interested in your products or services can be challenging. Lead generators make it easy for any business to turn warm leads into paying customers, and here's why.

Izak Jackson

3 min read

Cold calling or sending salesy emails to companies doesn’t work anymore, and it’s not exactly enjoyable for you either. You want more customers, but how do you know who’s in the market to buy?

Lead generators are an essential marketing tool that every business should use to grow their client base, and I will explain why.

What is a Lead Generator?

Lead generation is the process of attracting your target audience that have shown intertest in your products and services and converting them into paying customers.

Lead generators are tools that can be used to capture people from the awareness stage of your sales funnel, funnelling them into your consideration and decision stages.

Examples of lead generators are video courses (our preferred method 😉), e-books, whitepapers and other downloadable content.

Most commonly, lead generators consist of some form or system that captures critical data from your target audience , such as email addresses, qualifying them as a warm lead. Once you have this data, you can run an email nurturing campaign before calling them to action with an offer they can't refuse.

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Why Are They Important for Business?

Lead generators are a brilliant tool for bringing in new work and increasing sales. Without any lead generation strategy, you won't know when or where customers will be coming from.

Without knowing leads are coming in regularly, it makes it difficult for you to forecast your growth and revenue.

In the process of implementing lead generators, you also end up building your brand awareness, trust and interest amongst your target audience.

Tips for Creating a Video Course Lead Generator

One example of a lead generator that I think is super effective is a video course.

Video courses are easy to digest, valuable to the consumer, and showcase your industry knowledge.

The first thing you need to do is generate awareness of your video course.

Social media is one of the best marketing channels for sharing key messages and driving traffic to your website.

Any posts you create for social media, whether short videos or graphics-based content, needs to get across the benefits/value of your course. The more value your target audience feels they are getting, the more likely they will sign up.

A tip for social media posts: Always include clear call to actions at the end of every post that directs people to a specific page on your website. It’s also worth adding clickable links to posts or in video descriptions to make it even easier for your audience to find.

Once a person has landed on your website, you need to implement some sort of sign-up function or form that will give that person access to the course in exchange for personal information.

The personal information you collect from that form is how you know who is already interested in your products or services.

Imagine being able to continue sharing your content with leads you know are interested in your products and services. It's a game-changer.

From here, you can drip feed each module of your course through an email marketing service such as MailChimp, before following it up with a campaign that nurtures the relationship.

Finally, you want to call that lead to action with a limited time offer!

P.S. We are currently working on a free course that dives deeper into this topic, so make sure to visit our courses page to check that out when it launches.

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