Why Your Website Should be the Second Home for Your Videos

Why Your Website Should be the Second Home for Your Videos

Adding video content to your website can have huge benefits to things like website traffic, SEO, engagement and sales. In this blog, I'm going to explain why your website should be the second home for your videos.

Izak Jackson

4 min read

Video has quickly become one of the most popular forms of media out there today, especially when it comes to social media. Platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube continue to grow with millions of videos being uploaded and consumed every day.

The majority of businesses are uploading their video content onto social media but many are forgetting about their websites. Adding video content to your website can have huge benefits to things like website traffic, engagement and sales.

Decreases Bounce Rate and Increases Page Viewing Time

Concise, informative videos keep viewers engaged significantly longer than text and images. Research found that people stay on a website 60% longer when video is present. When users stay on your website for longer periods of time, not only do you have more opportunities to sell to them, but Google likes website pages where people spend time, boosting SEO performance.

This also applies to your websites bounce rate. Many people hit a website and immediately leave so it’s your job to get them to stick around, and video can do that. Not only are viewers less likely to immediately leave your site after they land on it, they’re going to come away with a better understanding of what you do and how you can help them.

Viewers retain 95% of a video's message in comparison to 10% when reading text.

Provides Customers with Additional Value When They Need it Most

People usually come to your website when they’re in the market to buy or they need tips and advice. It’s important that you provide potential and existing customers with additional value when they need it most.

Nobody has the time anymore to spend hours reading large bodies of text on your website. This is why it’s important you engage your customers and tell them what they need to know - without them having to do to much work their end. Videos are fast and convenient, helping you to get your point across quickly, all whilst engaging potential customers who otherwise wouldn’t have taken the time to understand more about your business.

Builds Trust and Showcases Brand Personality

People like to deal with people vs a faceless company which is why it’s important to give website visitors an insight into company culture, your ethos and the team. Video is a great way to get across your personality or the personality of your business. Putting a face to your brand can help built trust between you and potential customers as they have a clear picture of who they might be working with.

Video is also a great way to showcase your knowledge and skills. The more videos on your website that give useful tips, advice and information to users for free, the more likely they are to see you as an expert in the industry. This could be the difference between them choosing to work with you, an industry expert, vs a competitor.

Increases Website SEO

Adding video content to your website can really help improve your SEO. When a user types in a keyword or search term into Google, Google’s algorithm looks for two things, the quality of content and relevance to the user’s original search terms.

Not only will Google look at text copy on your website but it looks at other types of media such as videos. Ensuring your website has a combination of text and other quality media like videos and photos means, certain pages on your website are more likely to rank in Google searches, helping to boost your websites SEO.

Helps to Guide Leads Through Your Sales Pipeline

It’s important to think about the users journey on your website. Think about the page’s users will land on and where you want them to go from there. Maybe you want them to get in touch using the contact form or subscribe to your monthly newsletter.

A great way of directing potential leads through your sales pipeline is by introducing video content on key pages on your website. Every video should have a clear call to action telling users what you would like them to do next. Using video on your website in this way can really help you close the deal, resulting in more sales.

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