15 Tips For Successful Videos: YouTube Publishing Checklist

15 Tips For Successful Videos: YouTube Publishing Checklist

Releasing a video on YouTube that gets no views can feel like you have wasted your time. Here are our 15 tips for successful YouTube videos.

Izak Jackson

5 min read

Releasing a video on YouTube that gets little to no traction can quickly feel like you have wasted all of your time. To avoid this their are 15 simple things you need to do whenever you post a video to YouTube.

YouTube Publishing Checklist

1. Title

Video Title

The title of your video needs to draw people in and should always include your key phrase.

Three of the top performing video titles you can use are:

  • How To: i.e. How To Grow Your YouTube Channel
  • Reasons Why: i.e. 7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Video For Your Business
  • Listicle: i.e. The Top 5 Ways To Increase Video Engagement

Whatever you choose, make sure you do not use click-bait and this can have a negative effect on the videos performance if it does not relate to the videos content.

2. Description

Video Description

As with your title, your description needs to include your videos key phrase. The key phrase is important as it tell YouTube what the video is about and helps to increase its organic reach.

The best descriptions are about 2-3 sentences long, and add additional value to the viewer.

Always include links and a strong call to action.

3. Tags

Video Tags

Again, your tags must include your key phrase, and should also include your videos title.

YouTube allows you to add up to 500 characters of tags to each video. You should use as many as you can - the more the better.

With each tag, think about whether this is something viewers will search for, but don;t be spammy. The tags need to relate to the content of the video.

4. Hashtags

Video Hashtags

YouTube will display up to three hashtags next to the title of your video. These hashtags are another great way to increase the videos reach.

At the bottom of your description add three hashtags that relate to the videos content, making sure one of them is your key phrase.

5. Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail

Thumbnails are often the first thing a viewer will see of your video and is one of the most important parts of getting views.

It needs to be eye-catching and relevant to your video. If it isn't good, then people will just keep scrolling.

6. Info Cards

YouTube Info Cards

A great feature for increasing watch time on YouTube is Info Cards.

This allows you to link to up to five different videos throughout your video.

During your video you should reference related topics and how they can help your viewers. Every time you do this, you should add an info card to link to that video.

7. Endscreen

YouTube Endscreen

The Endscreen is an amazing feature for growing your community, getting more views and increasing watch time.

The final 20 seconds of every video is able to have an end screen, containing link to previous and recommended videos, to subscribe to your channel, visit your merch store, Patreon and various other links.

Make use of the full 20 seconds in every video.

8. Monetisation

YouTube Monetisation

This one isn't for every channel.

You may have decided that having adverts in your videos isn't needed for what you do, if that is you then skip this step.

You also may not currently be eligible for monetisation - currently you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel.

If you are eligible, and want to use ads, then make sure you have enabled all of the ad types you are wanting to use.

9. Subtitles

YouTube Subtitles

Every video should have subtitles.

Subtitles are a great way to increase the number of views you get.

Not only are they great for those who are hard of hearing, or speak another language, subtitles tell YouTube's algorithm exactly what has been discussed in the video, providing them with more keywords to rank your video against.

Subtitles can take a while to do manually, so we recommend that you use rev.com. It is a really great and affordable service for quickly getting subtitles made for your videos.

10. Playlists

Video Playlists

Playlists are a fantastic way to organise your channel, separating related videos out into groups that can be displayed on your YouTube channel homepage.

Doing this makes it easier for viewers to find your content and encourages more watch time across your channel.

11. Pinned Comments

Pinned Comments

As soon as your video goes live, you should add and pin a comment.

Use this comment to ask your viewers a question and to encourage discourse in the comments.

The more engagement, the better your video performs.

12. Social Media

Social Media Promotion

To further increase your videos reach you need to share it across your social media channels, tapping into the audience you have already created on those platforms.

When you share your videos, make sure you link to it from within a playlist, as this will auto-play a similar video from your channel and boost watch time.

Make sure this link is accompanied by enticing copy that draws the viewer in.

13. Paid Promotion

Promoted Videos

While this isn't necessary on every video, running ads will increase your reach, putting your video in front of more people.

While these views do not count towards your channels watch time analytics, it can help to get more subscribers and to grow your community.

14. Cross Promote

Cross Promotion

Go back to previous videos and pin a new comment linking across to your new video.

If you do this, make sure that the videos are related. It wouldn't make sense linking two completely unrelated videos together and can be jarring for viewers.

15. Engagement

Video Engagement

The final step should be ongoing throughout the lifespan of your video.

Always make sure to go back to your previous videos and engage with comments from your viewers. This fosters a community around your channel and will result in more engagement in the long term.

The higher the engagement on your videos, the better its ranking in the YouTube algorithm will be.

YouTube Publishing Checklist

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