Hygieia Group

Hygieia Group

Hygieia Group came to us needing a solution to their social media videos.

We created the video branding and provided video training to Hygieia Group, a Yorkshire based cleaning supplies company.

The Problem

Hygieia Group came to us needing a solution to their social media videos. They had dabbled in videos previously but wanted to take the quality of their story telling to the next level and to learn some different video production and marketing techniques that would increase their reach.

The Solution

Using their logo, we created a 3 second animation to add branding at the end of each of their videos. We then ran a 1 day training workshop with them, teaching them how to use their phone to film videos and how to use their iPad to edit them.

The Result

At the end of the workshop, Hygieia left with a video marketing strategy that works for their business, as well as the knowledge to produce high quality DIY videos that they can share with their customers and in their proposals.

“Izak and Volta Media were extremely helpful and provided us with a great service. We now have the confidence to produce marketing videos for our business.”

- Andrew Bodle, Owner | Hygieia Group

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