ICL Meet Our People: Scott Garnett

ICL Meet Our People: Scott Garnett

Continuing the Meet Our People documentary series for ICL, part 3 looks at the life of Scott Garnett, their Senior agronomist.

Continuing the Meet Our People documentary series for ICL, part 3 looks at the life of Scott Garnett, their Senior agronomist.

The Problem

Before working with us, ICL were struggling to further their PR message for the local area in which ICL Boulby operates. They were not able to effectively and visually represent the mine's story.

"It was time consuming and almost felt futile as we did not have a skilled videographer that we could rely on."

The Solution

We produced a video marketing strategy that utilises documentary films to give an insight into what it is like to work for the mine, how people from the local area excel in their fields working at ICL Boulby and how the mine has a positive impact on the local economy.

After the first ‘Meet Out People’ film was released ICL were extremely pleased with the production. The film was shared around our their global operation and now their people (and community) look forward to the next in the series.

"It has sparked interest in the different areas of the Boulby Mine site, encouraging people to ask questions which ultimately leads them to know more about the organisation that they work for. The public reaction has been really positive too with many discussing the productions in local venues such as pubs and shops."

The Result

The films we have produced and will continue to produce are helping to further the public relations effort of ICL Boulby, increasing awareness around what they do, as well as boosting support from the local community as they expand their operations.

"Now we can rest assured knowing that Volta Media will always deliver us a mini masterpiece, no matter the task."

“It gives us great confidence knowing that our future video needs will be handled by Volta Media. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them so far and look forward to working with Volta Media more in the future. Now that we don’t have to worry about video as much, we can focus on other areas.”

- Ethan Martin, Director | Lab Rat Creative - ICL's Marketing Agency

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