How we create bespoke videos

Our process involves two main stages; developing & implementing - both of which are vital to creating a successful video marketing campaign.


Arguably the most important part, development is the first stage to every project. Planning the video prior to filming is vital for creating a video that actually gets results.

1. Discovery
To craft a film that fits your needs and reflects your brand, we need to get to know each other. We take the time to understand your brand, your goals and your audience. This serves as the projects foundation and is an integral part of our process.
2. Pre-Production
We will then begin planning your video. Writing scripts, pre-visualising them with story boards, finding filming locations and scheduling the production and post-production stages.


Once we have a plan in place, we can begin implementing it, producing the films and publishing them on social media, your website or as part of a lead generator.

3. Production
This is where the magic happens. Using the pre-production plan, we begin to produce your videos. This involves capturing video, audio & photos on set, that can then be taken into our editing suite.
4. Post-Production
Post-production is where your videos start coming together. We cut together the picture and sound. Add motion graphics and VFX. Mix the music and sound effects. Then colour process it to look just right.
5. Delivery & Marketing
Your videos are ready to go! Well... almost. We will prepare your videos for multiple platforms, creating subtitles & optimising them for success. We can also manage your video content, scaling our involvement as you need.
Our Process: Implementing

Frequently asked questions

How can we track the progress of our video project?
We have a project management application, Asana, that you will be able to access throughout the project. We update this application at every step of the process to help provide you with greater clarity.
What happens if I want to make changes?
As standard, we provide 1 round of major revisions during pre-production and 2 rounds of minor revisions during post-production.
What are major revisions?
Major revisions are defined as any significant changes to the narrative of the story, edit, inclusion, and removal of entire scenes or VOs, change in soundtrack, and anything that significantly impacts the overall story or visual.
What are minor revisions?
Minor revisions are defined as any minor rearrangement, removal, edit, or addition of footage that won’t significantly affect the narrative or story such as audio levels and color balance.
How do we make revision requests?
All revisions must be collated into an single email during pre-production, or a single Vimeo review submission during post-production. Providing revisions in a single request helps to speed up the process and get your video to you on time.
How will we receive our videos at the end of the project?
Once the project is complete, we will provide you with a download link where you can access all of the projects deliverables. These must be downloaded within 30 days.

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