Our Social Impact

We believe that every company should be in the business of giving back to the community.

Our Environmental Impact

Since the industrial revolution we have collectively been pushing the planet towards destruction, pumping chemicals into the air, mass farming livestock, and dumping waste into our oceans.

Almost half of the UN Sunstainability goals are about improving our environmental impact. Which is why we believe every business should be doing more to protect the world we all inhabit.

Our Environmental Policies

We are constantly looking for new ways we can improve out impact on the environment and will be adding new policies to this list over time.

  • Carbon Positive

    Our line of work involves a lot of travel, which is why we have joined a carbon offset programme.

    Every month we donate to Offset Earth to fund incredible climate projects and to offset our carbon emissions.

  • Sustainable Energy

    Saying yes to renewable energy.

    Our office is powered by 100% sustainable energy, giving us the ability to feel guilt free using when using our power hungry equipment.

  • Single Use Plastics

    Single use plastics are polluting our oceans and destroying vital ecosystems.

    We have banned single use plastics from our office and recycle all of our waste products.

Our 1% Pledge

We are a proud member of Pledge 1%. As a company, we contribute at least 1% of our revenue and 1% of our time to charities whose impact we want to help the most. We also allow employees to spend 1% of their time volunteering for a cause of their choosing.

Surfers Against Sewage

The environment is close to our hearts, which is why we have chosen to work with Surfers Against Sewage as a member of their 250 Club. SAS are on the front lines of the climate crisis, fighting to protect our oceans and reduce plastic pollution. Whether it is through improving education, supporting communities, or putting pressure on the government, the work SAS do is truly inspiring.

Videos Made
Time Volunteered
40 hours
Money Donated

Last updated 6th October 2020.

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